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Loma Linda Linketts Banh Mi Dog

Loma Linda Linketts Banh Mi Dog

Classic American Hot Dog meets Vietnamese flavors of pickled carrots and onions, mayo and fresh cucumber. Good things come in small packages!

bibimbap with grilled prime stakes

Loma Linda Bibimbap with Grilled Prime Stake

A popular Korean dish which literally translates – “mixed rice”. This is a vegetarian version with a variety of colorful sautéed vegetables, stir fried stakes and sweet gochujang sauce. This dish is addictive!

Loma Linda Vegan King Pao Chik

Loma Linda Kung Pao Chik

This recipe is a vegetarian version of a very famous Chinese take-out recipe which has a spectrum of flavors and can be put together in just half an hour!

Loma Linda Pesto Skallop Zoodles

Loma Linda Vegan Pesto Skallop Zoodles

Swap the pasta for zoodles in this quick and healthy homemade recipe for vegan pesto zucchini noodles topped with roasted skallops for a low carb summer dish.