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Neat Mixes are derived from nuts and other natural ingredients. Easy-to-make, great tasting replacement for meat. Even the most choosy meat-eater will love this healthy and quick way to serve your family’s favorite dishes. Neat Egg Substitute made from chia seeds and garbanzo beans is an easy-to-mix, all-natural egg replacement used in baked goods.

Neat Quinoa Chocolate Lava Cake

Neat Quinoa Chocolate Lava Cake

A dessert that impresses even the pickiest eaters, Lava cake is a total delight! Just crack it open and find a lovely ooey gooey center which makes you fall in love with it again and again. This is a vegan and gluten free version made using Neat eggs. It is totally addictive!

Vegan Neat Fajita Burritos

Vegan Neat Fajita Burrito

Power up your vegan burrito with Neat’s Mexican mix and add an extra scoop of black beans to make a protein rich stuffing. The spicy Fajita seasoning adds that extra zing to these burritos that you won’t even miss the cheese!

Manchurian Neatballs

Manchurian Neatballs in Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Make this vegan, protein-rich dish called “Manchurian neatballs” as a variation to meatballs. This is a fun recipe from Indo-Chinese cuisine served with its signature sweet and spicy chili garlic sauce.

Neat Vegan Orange Dream Cookies

Neat Vegan Orange Dream Cookies

Enjoy a delicious treat with these vegan orange dream cookies, made with our neat egg, orange peels and brown sugar.