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Fight Inflammation With A Vegetarian Diet

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury. Its purpose is to prevent, stop or reduce damage and aid in the healing process. You’ve probably seen inflammation in your own body. Ever bang your knee really hard and it becomes swollen? That’s inflammation. The blood vessels around your knee have expanded to allow more blood, oxygen, protein, antioxidants and nutrients to the area to fight off any bacteria and repair any damage that occurred.

So, in a way, inflammation can be a good thing. However, too much inflammation in our body can be painful and can trigger symptoms such as joint pain (ex: arthritis), abdominal pain (ex: Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and asthma.

You may notice that when you eat certain foods, you have inflammatory responses such as an allergy, stomach cramps, joint pain or headache. Common sense tells us that if certain foods cause inflammation in our bodies, we should avoid …