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Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC Announces the Following Measures in Response to COVID-19

Leading manufacturer of plant-based foods puts forth safety measures, employee benefits

NASHVILLE, N.C., March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF), the leading shelf-stable manufacturer of Loma Linda® and TUNO™ brands, today announced actions taken to ensure safety of its employees, stakeholders, customers and consumers in response to COVID-19.

Atlantic Natural Foods has been observing COVID-19 and preparing for all circumstances and has instituted the following measures to address the current situation. The Company places the safety and well-being of its management, employees, colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers, customers, consumers and families as the highest priority as we continue to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

As the shelf-stable leader, the Company understands its products are important for providing for those in need during this period and take this need seriously. Its first commitment will remain toward its existing customer base and plant-based consumers. Instruction has been given to ANF’s factories to “gear up” to full production of critical …

A Note to Our Seventh-day Adventist Community

Press Statement for release to Seventh-day Adventist Publications, AFDA Distributors, email addresses, etc. from Douglas Hines, Chairman of Atlantic Natural Foods, Loma Linda 

For the past several weeks we have been monitoring the global crisis with the Coronavirus and preparing for these days. During these weeks, I have continually told our team that the time is coming when we will go through this period of social distancing – and perhaps have to suspend church services. That time has now come. 

We are aware of the awesome responsibility Atlantic Natural Foods has to provide traditional food to the Adventist community and now it’s even more important than ever to work closely with AFDA distributors, ABC Stores, local congregations, and individual members. 

We are now working with senior AFDA leaders and the ABCs to establish how we will deliver product to you in the event Camp is cancelled. Once this is finalized, you will be advised on how this will be managed.  

Further, in order to support the community, we are working with our AFDA and the ABC stores on an incremental coupon to “Prepare to Stock the Pantry” which hopefully will help during …