Atlantic Natural Foods Announces Progressive Employee Benefits

NASHVILLE, N.C.— Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), the leading U.S. producer and marketer of shelf stable of plant-based protein alternatives products and owner of the Loma Linda, neat®, and Kaffree Roma brands announced a number of wide-reaching initiatives of enhanced benefits to continue its commitment toward people and community.

During an all-staff event on Saturday, Sept. 17, the ANF Operating Board shared their vision of the company as well as updated benefits to its employees. One part of the plan is a commitment for further investment to support a new product launch scheduled for 2017 that will create an exciting shelf stable segment of vegetarian meal solutions in the healthy living space, which solidifies the future of the company.

As part of the long term commitment, the Operating Board also announced a number of employee benefits in support of its workers and community. The cornerstone of the plan is an effective increase of all manufacturing employees, with entry level positions to $10.00/hour, a 33% increase over current minimum wage offered in the area. In addition to the wage increases, the company retains its complete and competitive benefit programs, including comprehensive health insurance, paid vacation and a 401K retirement program for all employees.

Programs that have been created are without local, state or federal government assistance.

“These initiatives have been under development for some time by the leadership team and was not an easy decision,” according to Steve Morris, Chief Operating Officer of ANF. “Cost of benefits have continued to rise during the past three years; however, the ANF leadership team, along with the owners, place a higher value on providing a living wage to all in our family.”

“We have waited long enough for consideration from the government to support growth in small business in the manufacturing sector that assist in creation of job opportunities, but it never materialized,” commented ANF Chairman Doug Hines. “There are always promises in an election year, but the leadership team determined it is time to demonstrate our commitment to doing the right thing, regardless of what’s mandated by the federal government. We are committed to develop and produce healthy foods for a growing market concerned about their future and have the same commitment to our employees, families and community.”

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About Atlantic Natural Foods

ANF is the leading U.S. producer of shelf stable plant based protein products and markets the Loma Linda®, and neat® brands. It also markets Kaffree RomaTM, a caffeine-free roasted grain instant beverage products. Based in Nashville, N.C., the company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Products are available throughout the United States at many natural foods and grocery retailers as well as online retailers like Amazon. Learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods at For additional information, call (252) 212-9000 ext. 102 or email