Loma Linda

  • Most of our items are gluten-free unless we have declared wheat on the can.

    That said, our products are made in our factory that contains gluten, so we don’t make the claim of gluten-free on the label and recommend that individuals with a severe gluten sensitivity avoid Loma Linda products.

  • Loma Linda Traditions products do contain genetically modified ingredients, however, our new line of complete meals and meal starters, as well as seafood alternatives are non-GMO. Our neat brand of meat alternatives, baking mixes and egg alternative are also non-GMO.


  • The neat egg is shelf stable at room temperature through the Best Buy date on each pouch. There is no need to refrigerate. The neat egg has a re-sealable pouch for continued use.

    Neat meat alternatives can be kept at room temperature through the Best Buy date, but are meant to be consumed in one use (the pouches are non-resealable).

    If you prepare neat and have leftover food, you can store in your refrigerator for later consumption. Same rules/timing apply as if you were storing other food.

  • All of our neat products are gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.

    Our neat meat alternative mixes are nut-based (pecans).

    Our neat egg is nut-free but made in a facility that processes pecans (tree nuts).

Kaffree Roma

  • Kaffree Roma contains a low acid count with a pH of 7, which is equal to water. (Coffee is closer to a pH of 5)

  • Kaffree Roma is not genetically modified (non-GMO).
  • Kaffree Roma is a grain-based beverage made using barley. Barley does contain minuscule amounts of gluten, therefore we cannot label it as “gluten-free”. That said, many products that do contain gluten are, wheat-based products (with wheat-gluten), so if you have a severe gluten sensitivity, we recommend additional research and/or consulting a physician to determine if Kaffree Roma is right for you.
  • Kaffree Roma’s lids have recently been redesigned to be accessible for beverage enthusiasts of all ages! Kaffree Roma lids pop-off — they are not traditional twist-off jar lids, which can be difficult.