Loma Linda

  • Most of our items are gluten-free unless we have declared wheat on the can.

    That said, our products are made in our factory that contains gluten, so we don’t make the claim of gluten-free on the label and recommend that individuals with a severe gluten sensitivity avoid Loma Linda products.

  • Loma Linda Traditions products do contain genetically modified ingredients, however, our new line of complete meals and meal starters, as well as seafood alternatives are non-GMO. Our neat brand of meat alternatives, baking mixes and egg alternative are also non-GMO.
  • Yes, our cans and pouches are BPA Free. For more information on this subject, please review this website – https://www.fda.gov/newsevents/publichealthfocus/ucm064437.htm


Kaffree Roma

  • Kaffree Roma contains a low acid count with a pH of 7, which is equal to water. (Coffee is closer to a pH of 5)

  • Kaffree Roma is not genetically modified (non-GMO).
  • Kaffree Roma is a grain-based beverage made using barley. Barley does contain minuscule amounts of gluten, therefore we cannot label it as “gluten-free”. That said, many products that do contain gluten are, wheat-based products (with wheat-gluten), so if you have a severe gluten sensitivity, we recommend additional research and/or consulting a physician to determine if Kaffree Roma is right for you.
  • Kaffree Roma’s lids have recently been redesigned to be accessible for beverage enthusiasts of all ages! Kaffree Roma lids pop-off — they are not traditional twist-off jar lids, which can be difficult.