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Atlantic Natural Foods Wraps Up Acquisition of Loma Linda Brand

NASHVILLE, N.C. — Two years after AFT Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiary Atlantic Natural Foods, L.L.C. (ANF) reached an agreement with Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Co. to acquire the Loma Linda brand of canned shelf-stable alternative meat analog products, the Kaffree Roma alternative coffee beverage unit, and licensing rights to the Worthington Foods brand, the deal is finally done.

AFT Holdings on Oct. 3 said it has made the final payment to purchase the Loma Linda and Worthington Foods shelf stable business from Kellogg.

Since 2014, ANF has integrated and managed the Loma Linda and Worthington business, Kaffree Roma, and the collection of neat gluten- and soy-free nut based protein alternatives and the neat egg line of vegan products.

ANF had been the sole producer of the Loma Linda and Worthington products since 2008, but they previously had been marketed by Kellogg until the two companies agreed to a deal in October 2014. At …

Atlantic Natural Foods Announces Progressive Employee Benefits

NASHVILLE, N.C.— Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), the leading U.S. producer and marketer of shelf stable of plant-based protein alternatives products and owner of the Loma Linda, neat®, and Kaffree Roma brands announced a number of wide-reaching initiatives of enhanced benefits to continue its commitment toward people and community.

During an all-staff event on Saturday, Sept. 17, the ANF Operating Board shared their vision of the company as well as updated benefits to its employees. One part of the plan is a commitment for further investment to support a new product launch scheduled for 2017 that will create an exciting shelf stable segment of vegetarian meal solutions in the healthy living space, which solidifies the future of the company.

As part of the long term commitment, the Operating Board also announced a number of employee benefits in support of its workers and community. The cornerstone of the plan is an effective increase …

Fight Inflammation With A Vegetarian Diet

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury. Its purpose is to prevent, stop or reduce damage and aid in the healing process. You’ve probably seen inflammation in your own body. Ever bang your knee really hard and it becomes swollen? That’s inflammation. The blood vessels around your knee have expanded to allow more blood, oxygen, protein, antioxidants and nutrients to the area to fight off any bacteria and repair any damage that occurred.

So, in a way, inflammation can be a good thing. However, too much inflammation in our body can be painful and can trigger symptoms such as joint pain (ex: arthritis), abdominal pain (ex: Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and asthma.

You may notice that when you eat certain foods, you have inflammatory responses such as an allergy, stomach cramps, joint pain or headache. Common sense tells us that if certain foods cause inflammation in our bodies, we should avoid …