Atlantic Natural Foods and Pataya Food Group Revolutionize Shelf-Stable Plant Protein Meal Solutions with New Partnership

Nashville, N.C. and Bangkok, Thailand — Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC, (ANF) the leading producer of shelf-stable plant-based protein and owner of the iconic Loma Linda® brand, along with Pataya Food Group, a leading producer and innovator of “protein” based products under the Nautilus and other private label brands around the world, are announcing a strategic partnership to create a complete range of shelf-stable pouch meals made from plant-based proteins. The exclusive agreement will initially impact ANF’s recently announced Loma Linda “Blue” meal solutions which will hit the North American market by summer 2017.

The Loma Linda “Blue” launch will consist of 16 meal solutions that are packed in shelf-stable, easy to grab-on-the-go, individual microwavable pouches that can be prepared in one minute to support the growth of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. The initial offerings will include a collection of tasteful, portable, and creative healthy meal solutions from around the world. Research-driven consumer insights helped shape the product line which will include varieties such as Spicy Pad Thai, Thai Sweet Chili – seasoned Fishless Tuna, Italian Bolognese, Southwest Chunky Stew, and more.

“We are excited to announce this first phase of our partnership with the Pataya Food Group,” said J Douglas Hines, chairman and general partner of Atlantic Natural Foods. “We have watched them grow for over 20 years and their chairman, Khun Somboon, has always been dedicated to the creation of products that are ahead of their time. We look forward to further alignment of our principals in food creation as well as developing a global platform for future growth.”

The project will work in cooperation with Kasetsart University’s Institute of Food Research and Product Development to support new product development as well as provide material that will be created at the university’s pilot plant facility. Located in Thailand, the university is home to 30,000 students and 3,000 faculty members engaged in its agricultural program in Bangkhen Campus. The partnership will build new opportunities for graduates wishing to become involved in the food technology area. Atlantic Natural Foods will also contribute one million Thai Baht over the next four years to help support their efforts.

“We appreciate the support from Atlantic Natural Foods and Pataya Food Group and look forward to a long and special relationship for years to come,” said Chulaluck Charunuch, Deputy-Director of Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University.

Khun Somboon, chairman of Pataya Food Group added, “We have been researching this area of food development for the past two years and this partnership offers an exciting challenge for us. Of course, when we can partner with other innovators in the industry while supporting growth in the education sector for the professionals of tomorrow, it is an added benefit. We are also excited to expand the partnership to the Asian and EU markets in 2018 and showing concept sample at this week’s ThaiFex 2017.”

About Pataya Food Industries Ltd.

Pataya Food Industries Limited was founded in 1979 on the principle that ‘consistent quality assures success.’ The company’s dedication to achieving high quality is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process and can be fully appreciated in its products.

The company has four marketing centers in Thailand, Vietnam, France and China. These are the main channels of distribution for the company’s ‘Nautilus’ brand, supported by manufacturing plants in Thailand and Vietnam. Apart from the Pataya brands; Nautilus, Sea crown, Mongkut Talay and Lilly, our OEM business has also developed into supplying the best quality of products. Our customers represent the best and most recognizable brands in each market we supply into.

About Atlantic Natural Foods:

Atlantic Natural Foods’ mission is to create nutritious, delicious products through sustainable protein sources. Foods that are good for you – low in fat, low in cholesterol, low in calories. Foods that are plant-based and renewable – good for humans and good for the environment. Foods that are nutritious and great sources of protein.

Atlantic Natural Foods markets Loma Linda®, Neat® and Kaffree Roma™ products. The company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing – Level 3 SQF Certified, Kosher Certified and HACCP Certified – and distribution facilities, headquartered in Nashville, NC. To learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods, please visit or contact the company at 252.212.9000 x 102 or