Loma Linda Brand Cracks into the Canned Protein Aisle with the First-Ever Plant-Based, Shelf-Stable Canned CHIK’N, Addressing Global Need for More Sustainable, Cruelty-Free and Affordable, Protein-Rich Foods

There is a new Cock on the Block in the canned protein aisle and nothing was killed in the process! The new vegan, cluck-free, cock-free, Loma Linda Chik’n lineup will be unveiled at Natural Products Expo West 2022, alongside additions to the brand’s Meals in Minutes and popular TUNO™ line.

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Atlantic Natural Foods Addresses the Global Food Supply Crisis and the Future of Food Creation

Atlantic Natural Foods, along with other plant-based food producers, must not only continue to take dramatic steps to manage costs in anticipation of supply disruptions, but also optimize output to conserve legacy accountabilities that have a strong impact on human life for which we are all responsible. The challenges in front of us are meaningful to the plant-based foods industry. Now more than ever, alternative food creation is called upon to meet the global food requirements—today and beyond.

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