Atlantic Natural Foods Gains New Distribution, Realizes Continued Growth

Company’s 100+-year old Loma Linda brand will be at all Costco stores in January, expand distribution at Walmart and Target, and head to ALDI in US and UK in early 2020

NASHVILLE, N.C.Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Atlantic Natural Foods, leading manufacturer of better-for-you, plant-based, shelf-stable foods, announced that it is debuting its top-selling and award-winning plant-based Chipotle Bowl Meal Solution – a shelf-stable, sustainable and convenient complete meal that boasts delicious flavor yet can be prepared in just 60 seconds – at more than 500 Costco stores throughout North America. 2020 Costco growth includes Western CanadaJapanTaiwan, and even Iceland. Created for plant-based eaters and flexitarians alike, this portable pouch, developed under the Loma Linda® brand, is available at an affordable price point ($13.99/6 meals). After several market tests, sales of the product exceeded traditional grocery products – not just those in the plant-based sector – by as much as 50 percent of the established baseline standard. In addition, the product will be promoted under Costco’s member-only savings mailer in the month of January.

“Our expansion into Costco is proving the brand’s success beyond just the niche plant-based protein sector; it is quickly increasing popularity and gaining momentum into the mainstream as well,” comments Laura Lapp, Brand Innovation Manager at Atlantic Natural Foods. “Plant-based foods aren’t going anywhere, and consumers—both plant-based and non-plant-based—are figuring out that eating plant-based foods doesn’t have to be boring or bland. The Chipotle Bowl is a prime example of just how good eating sustainably can be!”

This year – and especially this quarter – marks unprecedented growth for this 100-year-old matriarch and leading pioneer in the healthy, plant-based movement. In fact, the company has exceeded its goals for 2019-2020 by achieving 100 percent growth for the period and is now stretching to 20,000 stores across North America, UK, Australia, and 17 other countries. Beyond launching in Costco stores nationwide throughout North America, the company will also debut a variety pack of its three best-selling meals at ALDI stores in January including Chipotle Bowl, Taco Filling and Pad Thai made with Konjac noodles and will be a featured in its Healthy Food Month promotion, while ALDI UK is slotting in Loma Linda’s world famous TUNO™.

In addition, the company is increasing its distribution at Walmart stores, while also expanding its shelf space in-store to be available in the mainstream and ethnic aisles, in addition to the healthy food section where the products are located currently.

“We are not here to replace animal protein but to create a new category of food products that can feed future generations,” stated J. Douglas Hines, founder and chairman of Atlantic Natural Foods, in an earlier Fox News interview. “Sustainable protein sources are a requirement – it is not up for debate. Looking ahead to 2020 with new creations and the first shelf-stable food service launch, our goals remain the same: to provide products that are healthy, affordable, portable, tasty, and also good for the planet.”

The creation and wide acceptance of Atlantic Natural Foods’ TUNO™ brand continues its rapid pace globally and will continue to disrupt the tuna industry as it proves its strong commitment to protect the world’s resources and create alternative protein sources. Overfishing through unreported and unregulated operators on the fisheries, combined with the shocking amount of waste and ubiquitous materials in the oceans, demands change. Earlier this year, in one of the company’s efforts to employ change, Atlantic Natural Foods petitioned to attend the Boston Seafood Show but was rejected by organizers as the show expressed it didn’t want a plant-based product like TUNO at the event. “Despite having seaweed and algae in our product, we were denied admittance to the show. We’re not tolerating this non-acceptance and will continue our unwavering mission to help the world feed 9 plus billion people by the year 2050 through our line of plant-based products while saving the oceans,” said Hines.

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About Atlantic Natural Foods
Headquartered in Nashville, NC, Atlantic Natural Foods is the leading shelf stable manufacturer and provider of Loma Linda®, Neat® and Kaffree Roma™ brand products. Its mission is to provide affordable, sustainable and healthy sources of plant-based protein food for all lifestyles and people to live healthier, longer lives. The company operates its own manufacturing facility as well as a joint venture project in Thailand. To learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods, please visit or follow the Loma Linda® brand on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.