Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC Announces the Following Measures in Response to COVID-19

Leading manufacturer of plant-based foods puts forth safety measures, employee benefits

NASHVILLE, N.C.March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF), the leading shelf-stable manufacturer of Loma Linda® and TUNO™ brands, today announced actions taken to ensure safety of its employees, stakeholders, customers and consumers in response to COVID-19.

Atlantic Natural Foods has been observing COVID-19 and preparing for all circumstances and has instituted the following measures to address the current situation. The Company places the safety and well-being of its management, employees, colleagues, stakeholders, suppliers, customers, consumers and families as the highest priority as we continue to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

As the shelf-stable leader, the Company understands its products are important for providing for those in need during this period and take this need seriously. Its first commitment will remain toward its existing customer base and plant-based consumers. Instruction has been given to ANF’s factories to “gear up” to full production of critical items in order to provide food during this period.

“Our number one job is to provide the primary source of food for a select group of dedicated consumers, including Seventh-day Adventists,” commented J. Douglas Hines, chairman of Atlantic Natural Foods. “Without us, this group will have limited to no food options as we are the last producer of certain products they seek, so our responsibility to continue producing safe food is great.”

Effective immediately, the following actions are in place in both ANF’s North Carolina and Thailand production locations:

  • ANF is complying with general guidelines as provided by the CDC with additional measures added; this includes restricting access to anyone who is not an employee at its facilities. Implemented in Thailand four weeks ago, this practice has proven successful in the prevention of spreading the virus. ANF’s Thailand factory employees are continuing to safeguard these practices, and, as such, are ready to produce.
  • All ANF employees are to stay home if sick and increased sanitary cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place. All outside maintenance providers are being restricted or suspended for a four week period. All unnecessary travel is suspended and in-person meetings have been replaced with video conferencing. Staff that do not have a direct need to be at the factories will be directed to work from their residence to protect those whose positions require them to come into the factory.
  • The San Diego and Baton Rouge offices will be closed for the next three weeks with staff directed to work from home.

The Company has also announced it is implementing financial support to assist families as they navigate these life challenges. Effective next Friday, March 20, the Company is giving a supplemental allowance of $100.00/person to assist in purchasing supplies or tending to other needs that employees may have during the coming weeks. These financial supplements will be available every two weeks for current employees and will continue through the end of April at which the practice will be reviewed again. The Company has added a supplement to the current “sick policy” during the 2020 period to cover basic pay for up to five additional days for the year. This will give employees a total of eight days of sick leave on top of their PTO.

“We are in an uncharted territory and choose to respond proactively,” continued Hines. “Our Company takes our responsibilities seriously in order to ensure full protection for our employees as we all work towards a viable and sustainable solution.”

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