Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC Enters Binding Agreement with ABOVE FOOD Corp.

October 26, 2021

Leading Shelf-Stable Manufacturer to Partner with Integrated Provider with Seed to Fork Capabilities to Create Global Leader in Sustainable, Affordable Plant-Protein Foods

NASHVILLE, N.C. —After an exhaustive search over the past two years, Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF), leading shelf-stable manufacturer of award-winning, plant-based Loma Linda® brand foods and protein-rich and omega-3 packed canned seafood alternative, TUNO™, today announced it has entered a binding agreement to partner with ABOVE FOOD Corp. (AF), an integrated provider with Seed to Fork capabilities located in Regina, Saskatchewan, in the heart of the prairies of Canada. The move is designed to help ANF continue to expand its global reach, which today spans 25,000 stores in 30 countries. Recognizing the future is in the fields, the ground itself, the company made it the priority to ensure a renewable source of material to create real food for the next generations that would distinguish ANF from industry competitors.

With ANF’s 130+ year history along with AF’s 120+ years, the combined organization is well positioned for the next 250 years, and now becomes the first shelf-stable producer of plant-based foods with total vertical integration—a competitive advantage that ensures consistent, quality supply now and into the future for all plant-based proteins, in addition to increasing scale to further advantage ANF’s low-cost operations.

This game-changing partnership will enable the business to take the plant-based world where it could never go before, allowing for the creation of food from seed and agriculture technologies that can be built for nutrition, functionality and sustainability. Additionally, AF will materially expand its consumer reach by leveraging ANF’s global distribution platform.

“Upon meeting with Above Foods leadership, we knew what could be accomplished together through shared, common goals,” commented J. Douglas Hines, ANF chairman and founder. “We’re committed to leading change in the world’s food supply and creating a global paradigm shift with product creation and a guarantee of unmatched sustainability and value.”

As part of the partnership, Hines says a joint innovation group within the companies will be established, to be led by Kelly Krause, who will take on a new role as Chief Innovation Officer of ANF and work collaboratively to mold the company’s future.

“With our proprietary ag-tech, food-tech and complete vertical integration, and ANF’s world class team, sophisticated distribution platform, and market leading brand portfolio, we are excited to partner in creating the most sustainability, nutritious, affordable plant-based foods,” added Martin Williams, president and chief innovation officer of Above Food.

Operating with a vision of providing affordable, sustainable and healthy sources of plant-based protein-rich foods to support the future health of people and planet, ANF has continued its drive to make a difference through innovation and ensuring future sustainability of the planet’s fragile resources. The partnership with AF now provides a part that was missing – a direct sourcing supply – in what Mr. Lionel Kambeitz, executive chairman and co-founder of Above Food calls the “new ocean” in the plains of western Canada with a fleet driven by the fifth generation Kambeitz family, along with the company’s 120+ years of family stewardship of the land.

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About ABOVE FOOD Corp.

Above Food Corp. is a first-of-its-kind plant-based food company that celebrates delicious products made with real ingredients, real nutrition, real flavor, and real transparency. Founded in Canada in 2020 by food production ecosystem veterans and visionary co-founders, Lionel Kambeitz, Donato Sferra, Tyler West and Martin Williams, Above Food’s vision is to create a healthier world – one seed, one field, and one bite at a time. With a complete chain of custody of plant proteins, enabled by scaled operations and infrastructure in primary agriculture and processing, Above Food delivers food to businesses and consumers with unparalleled traceability, quantifiable sustainability, and superior nutrient density. For more information on Above Food, please visit or follow Above Food on Instagram (@above_food), Facebook (Above Food) and LinkedIn (Above Food).

About Atlantic Natural Foods 

Headquartered in Nashville, N.C., Atlantic Natural Foods is the leading shelf stable manufacturer and provider of Loma Linda®, TUNO™, neat® and Kaffree Roma™ brand products. Its mission is to provide affordable, sustainable and healthy sources of plant-based protein food for all lifestyles and people to live healthier, longer lives. The company operates its own manufacturing facility as well as a joint venture in Thailand. The brands are sold in 25,000 stores throughout the U.S. and in 30 countries, including the U.K., EU, South Africa and Australia. To learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods, please visit or follow the brand on FacebookInstagram or Twitter