Statement from Atlantic Natural Foods Co-Founder J. Douglas Hines in Support of Maui Relief Response Efforts

LAHAINA, HI (August 19, 2023) – “As a long-time investor in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands and as a resident of Maui where I live just outside of the affected area my wife and I are completely devastated by the tragic loss of lives and property in this historical landmark town that we love. This past week and ensuing days have been incredibly painful as we watched and mourned the complete and utter destruction of one of America’s iconic treasures, Lahaina Old Town. Our hearts are breaking for the families and beloved residents who have suffered insurmountable losses.”


“One of those impacted the most in the area is the Seventh Day Adventist Sanctuary and community in Lahaina. As part of the Hawaiian Conference aid and support is coming thru as the members in Kahului are opening arms. The wonderful people who worship in the area are blessed be safe and will recover with Gods help. These are hardworking individuals who live and work in the area, always with their uplifting Aloha spirit.”


“Today, we visited the Kahului congregation to deliver aid from Atlantic Natural Foods and Loma Linda for their “Ohana”. To see the work the members are doing to aid families is heartwarming.”


“This is just the beginning: While one contribution will never be enough to impact everyone in need who are trying to rebuild their lives and property this special community has lost, it’s part of our company’s DNA to step-up and help,” commented Mr. Hines. Atlantic Natural Foods alongside the AFDA Distributors will be doing even more in the coming days and weeks as we continue to support the heroic relief efforts that will help the Lahaina rebuild.”


“We will also be sending food from our Loma Linda factory with AFDA support – providing plant-based food products once reconstruction begins so that we can support the workforce at the right time, without being a hindrance to critical search and rescue efforts. Loma Linda Big Franks, Chili and Fri-Chik are being staged for shipment soon.”


“The people of Maui are incredibly strong and courageous. There is an undeniably difficult road ahead, but they are working together to rebuild so that the community can bounce back thru this extraordinarily challenging time. God Bless and Mahalo.”


J. Douglas Hines

Founder of Atlantic Natural Foods

Atlantic Natural Foods