TUNO™ Ignites Conversation Around Sustainable Living Proclaiming April 30 “World TUNO Day”

Plant-Based Food Creator Atlantic Natural Foods Continues to Challenge Global Seafood Industry, Looks to A Better Future for the Planet

NASHVILLE, N.C.April 25, 2019 — With a long-term goal of helping the world to feed 9 plus billion people by the year 2050, Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF), a leading manufacturer of better-for-you, plant-based, shelf-stable foods, today announced the company will celebrate its own inaugural World TUNO™ Day on Tuesday, April 30.<!–more–>

This date, planned two days ahead of the UN’s World Tuna Day (May 2), is a symbolic gesture to encourage consumers to eat more sustainably on April 30 and all year long, bringing awareness to the long-term need to create alternative protein sources while also promoting the health-supporting, life-affirming benefits of plant-based eating while saving our oceans.

According to J. Douglas Hines, ANF founder and chairman and a former seafood industry executive with a rich decades-long history in the global tuna industry, seafood is not in endless supply. If the planet’s resources are not guarded and supplemented with alternative proteins, future generations will not enjoy simple lifestyle requirements as basic as protein and more importantly we will lose our oceans to continued pollution and overfishing.

“We must do something to address the increasing global demand for protein in the coming decades; there is only so much available on the planet,” adds Hines. “There will soon not be enough fish to feed the world, so people should be taking broad and swift action now to ensure that ‘World Tuna Day’ can continue to be a celebration in sustainability in the years to come.”

The seafood industry is acutely aware of the issues as well. In fact, at the Seafood Futures Forum, taking place at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium on May 8, industry leaders will come together to discuss how they, along with the ocean conservation community, can come together to deliver meaningful change.

“Our goal with World TUNO™ Day is to raise awareness and inspire consumers around the globe to eat more sustainable, plant-based foods on April 30 and beyond. We aim to unite to create a call to action, demanding that we find a solution other than continued talk as has been the status quo—until now. It’s time we demand action as we want future generations to enjoy healthy, sustainable protein and this is a start,” Hines adds.

With the commencement of World TUNO™ Day, the brand is continuing its mission to provide affordable, sustainable and healthy sources for plant-based food for all lifestyles and taste preferences around the globe. Launched in late 2018 under the iconic Loma Linda brand, TUNO™, a plant-based canned seafood alternative, offers consumers an ocean safe and mercury-free creation that tastes like real tuna while providing versatility in a more sustainable form. In addition to nearly mimicking the taste and texture of traditional tuna, TUNO™ offers a near match to conventional tuna’s protein and Omega-3 content. As with all Loma Linda offerings, TUNO™ is shelf-stable, allowing for a bigger impact to feed the world and affect positive change in the future.

The expanded view of plant-based eating and consumer adoption toward seafood alternatives is leading the company to tremendous growth. ANF is projected to double its top-line performance to $50 million USD within 2020 as global momentum speaks to significant demand for plant-based meal solutions and concern for a sustainable future.

“Our rapid growth is the result of creating products that make a difference for future generations and proves our emergence as a leader in shelf stable plant-based meal solutions,” comments Hines. “Through our relentless eye on the world’s rapidly growing population, our mission is to become a trusted company in the plant-based protein world while promoting solutions for our planet.”

TUNO™ (MSRP $1.49$1.99), available in easy-open cans and a convenient 3 oz. pouch in flavors like Sriracha, Lemon Pepper, Thai Sweet Chili and Sesame Ginger, is available at retailers across the U.S. and around the globe, including Walmart, Shaw’s, Sprouts, Food Lion, Ingles, Jewel, and Meijer in the states, and leading retailers like Cole’s in Australia. It will also be on shelf in the United Kingdom as well as 17 other countries soon. TUNO is available at many specialty grocers and online at Amazon and Zulily, with more to come this year.

To learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods, please visit www.atlanticnaturalfoods.com, contact the company at (252) 212-9000 x102, email info@atlanticnaturalfoods.com or find it on LinkedIn.

About Atlantic Natural Foods
Headquartered in Nashville, NC, Atlantic Natural Foods is the leading shelf stable manufacturer and provider of Loma Linda®, Neat® and Kaffree Roma™ brand products. Its mission is to provide affordable, sustainable and healthy sources of plant-based protein food for all lifestyles and people to live healthier, longer lives. The company operates its own manufacturing facility as well as a joint venture project in Thailand. To learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods, please visit www.atlanticnaturalfoods.com or follow the brand on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.